2021 SAG Award Winners

Toulon Provence Méditerranée

Project Goal

The Toulon (TPM - Toulon Provence Méditerranée) Metropolitan area's project is to create a platform for territorial data, based on ArcGIS tools. This platform will capitalize from all the data of our information system which have added value as well as data from the GIS data and IOT sensors dispatched over the entire territory. As of today, we have sensors for measuring the flow and height of water in the rivers, the flow on cycle paths and availabilities in car parks. We will soon be deploying new carpark sensors as well as temperature, air quality and noise measurement sensors.
All of this data will make it possible to set up a hypervisor for the decision makers, leaders and managers of our organization in order to manage our public policies. In addition, data and analysis results that are of public interest will be made available to the public, citizens through our open data portal.
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Business Problem Solved

As of today, the data from the metropolitan information system are not cataloged and standardized. It is therefore impossible to use the current data in order to make the most of our data, to promote it and to cross-reference this data with other sources of data from our own information system in order to highlight the interactions and links between the different actions of our administration. If we take the example of transportion, we are currently unable to cross-analyse traffic, parking and event calendar data. The data platform will centralize all of this data and will allow us and our organisation to have a global view on many topics and thus to optimize its approach.

Technology Implemented

The Esri technologies used are:
- Arcgis server
- arcgis insight
- arcgis geoevent
- arcgis Site
- arcgis hub
- arcgis pro
- arcgis open data

Development Team Biography

The project team is formed by:

- A database administrator,
- An open data leader in charge of internal and external coordination,
- A manager of arcGIS tools in charge of data valorization,
- An IOT infrastructure manager,
- 5 Geographic Information System specialists,
- A Transportation Information System manager.