2021 SAG Award Winners


Project Goal

For several years now, geomatics has been a more common practice within GRDF's business lines. Historically, the
cartographer's job has been associated with network management, with regards to complex and proprietary technologies. Due
to the growth in mapping uses within GRDF, a dedicated team has been created to set up the technological foundations to
respond to these new uses:
- Enabling users to be autonomous in creating and publishing map data
- Setting up an application factory to create specific mapping applications: geomarketing, communication management in the
context of the energy transition, methanisation management, intervention management, etc.
- Making mapping data available by harmonizing it and making it accessible to as many people as possible: implementation of a
spatial data infrastructure.
- Every GIS skill within the same team: Geomatician, Data Analyst, GIS Technical Expert, GIS Developer, GIS Project Manager
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Business Problem Solved

Some examples:
Our ambition is to harmonise around a single technological base (a single publisher).
We developed use-cases.
Help with investment decisions through mapping
Assistance in finding targeted locations for new biomethane stations
interventions’ geopositioning management and monitoring of gas cut-off and restoration
Geodata science
Augmented reality mapping
Navigation assistance, route optimisation.
Industrial safety management, improving network safety
We are now piloting all our marketing plans solely from a mapping application
Response to new regulations
Management of works and investments related to network maintenance.

Technology Implemented

Arcgis Portal
Argis Desktop
Arcgis Server
Python (Arcpy)
Arcgis Dashboard
Arcgis Online
Arcgis Entreprise

Development Team Biography

The Geofactory team is made up of about 20 people.
4 managers
About twenty Geomaticians
5 Data experts
3 technical experts
Some developers
3 project managers