2021 SAG Award Winners

Daniel Swarovski Corporation AG and Daniel Swarovski Corporation AG

Project Goal

Increase sales revenue by creating a holistic Omni-channel sales environment by connecting online and offline sales through targeting white spots in the market.

Spatial analysis;

Offline sales
• Open new stores in areas of opportunity identified through spatial analysis.
• Analyze new store catchment area by enriching it with income and spending information to make sure the right retail channel, format, and size get selected.
• We also analyze the surrounding retail environment and product price point.
• Refine current distribution footprint by recalculating catchment areas using internal CRM data, external data, and location access analysis.

Online sales
• Identify white spots for online sales potential where offline sales are limited or unavailable.
• Analyze demographic information and intelligence data in an online sales white spot area, as well as a store catchment area to better target our potential customers with targeted advertisements.
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Business Problem Solved

Ongoing process- with positive results.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Pro
ArcGIS Online
ArcGIS Business Analyst

Development Team Biography

Department - Distribution and Real Estate

Richard Bezuidenhout - Global Distribution Operations Manager (GIS Manager/Analyst)

Stéphanie Wismer - Junior GIS Analyst