2021 SAG Award Winners


Project Goal

Object: Set up an information system to create, organize and analyze geo-referenced data so as to be able to extract summaries useful for decision-making, as well as to produce plans and maps.
Objectives specifies:
-Perform spatial analyzes to identify areas of extension of drinking water supply projects,
-Carry out spatial analyzes to identify areas at risk of pollution or the drying up of watercourses,
-Update the hydraulic heritage data remotely via collector for ArcGIS
-Map the indicators related to hydraulic heritage
Results obtained:
The system is being perfected and the first results obtained are as follows:
The geodatabase was designed with the data about; localities, inhabited sites, administrative division and list of localities supplied with drinking water in urban environment of Côte d'Ivoire
The mapping available concerning the hydraulic structures, the localities supplied with urban drinking water and the areas with insufficient drinking water.
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Business Problem Solved

Urban assets in the drinking water sector are estimated at more than 2 billion de dollars. The state of COTE D’IVOIRE is still making investment efforts to extend this heritage. These investments can only be sustainable if this heritage is capable of delivering performance at the level of international standards.
Also, improving and maintaining the optimal performance of hydraulic structures that constitute the urban heritage of the drinking water sector necessarily requires on the one hand in-depth knowledge of these and on the other hand the implementation of an efficient renewal and strengthening program.
Thus, as responsible for the heritage of the drinking water sector, ONEP has set up a geographic information system (GIS), allowing it, on the one hand, to monitor and assess the inventory drinking water supply and distribution works and on the other hand to carry out actions to protect catchments by locating plots at risk.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Enterprise Standard 10.8
- ArcGIS Server
- Portal for ArcGIS
- Web App Builder
- Collector for arcgis
ArcGIS Desktop Advanced 10.8

Development Team Biography

BOUAFOU Dali Eugene
Deputy General Director
Director of Operations and Heritage Control
Coordinator of the GIS ONEP project
cel : +225 0101477194
Ingénieur Généraliste (Institut National Polytechnique Felix Houphouët Boigny ; Yamoussoukro)
International Executive Masters programme OpT Water for all (AgrosParisTech ; France)

LATHRO Meless Yves Bertrand
Head of the asset management and monitoring department
GIS ONEP project manager
cel : +225 0101297594
Diploma of Advanced Study in Hydrogeology (Université de Cocody ; Abidjan)
Specialized Master in Sanitation and Environmental Engineering (2iE, Ouagadougou)

TANOH Kouacou Jean-Luc
Network and systems administrator
Member of the SIG ONEP project team
cel : +225 0101477186
Engineer option Computer Engineering (Groupe Sup’ Management Côte d’Ivoire)