2021 SAG Award Winners

Bigfork High School Cave Club

Project Goal

The Bigfork High School Cave Club establishes resource monitoring in natural caves on public lands. Club members input field data they gather into GIS layers that describe the condition of biological, mineral, climate, and cultural resources in a cave. Club members use GIS layers to create printable maps and management reports. Club members also use GIS layers to create eCave websites, which allow managers easy access to data on cave resources. Land managers benefit from the plethora of information, analysis and recommendations generated by club members. Club members develop skills in using GIS for analysis, creating printable maps, web site creation, public presentation, technical reports, and more.
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Business Problem Solved

In their use of GIS, the Bigfork High School Cave Club simultaneously solves two problems. (1) Natural resource managers in the US Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management and other agencies often lack budget and staff to fully develop cave resource management programs. Yet, these agencies are mandated to provide interpretation and conservation for significant caves. (2) Most high school programs are not introduced to technologies which are widely used in industry and government.

Technology Implemented

Arc Map, Arc Pro, Arc GIS Online, Collector

Development Team Biography

Since its inception hundreds of high school students have benefitted from membership in the Bigfork High School Cave Club. Some members have continued to use GIS in their post high school and post college lives. Many have gone on to pursue careers in natural resources management. And, nearly all have maintained an acute appreciation of geospatial relationships and an intense interest in the conservation of natural places.