2021 SAG Award Winners

Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic

Project Goal

Census 2021 is an integrated and electronic census of the Slovak Republic. For the first time, the Census will be performed exclusively by electronic means, and in an integrated manner, with the use of selected administrative data sources.
Territorial Preparation is a primary tool for realization of the Census in the whole territory of Slovakia. The main goal of the Territorial Preparation is geospatial data pre-processing in preparation for the Census by the integration of the administrative data sources, not only on the application level, but also on the data level, where it can reveal inconsistencies and inaccuracies, resolve them in an automated manner, and create unified and complete geospatial data for the Census. The procedure leads to a complete identification of the objects in which the houses and the inhabitants can be counted. After the Census, the Territorial Preparation will be updated with new address points that could potentially arise during the Population Census.
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Business Problem Solved

The geospatial data pre-processing results in an as complete as possible list of addresses and dwellings created through spatial integration of information from administrative data sources. The system Territorial Preparation is based on ArcGIS Enterprise, this GIS platform provided the tools for solving complex spatial tasks, including the following: generating dwelling geometries based on a vector map and parcels in the land register, identifying the most suitable dwelling to match an address, adding street addresses based on the surrounding addresses, adding geometries to addresses based on an identified dwelling, identifying possible missing addresses. The architecture is built exclusively on services. This allows for the infrastructure to be placed into the government cloud, and also for implementation of mobile and web applications for collecting and validating data in the field, using advanced workflows. The workers use dashboards to monitor the progress and changes in the data.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Enterprise:
• Portal for ArcGIS web maps for desktop, web and mobile editing
• ArcSDE for Oracle with extensive use of ST_Geometry functions
• Vector Tile Cache basemaps
• ArcGIS Dashboards
ArcGIS Pro: Editing, publishing, enterprise geodatabase management, geoprocessing.
ArcGIS Runtime SDK for Android: Offline editing application with preplan area workflows.
ArcGIS JavaScript API 4.x: Web application for editing and reviewing.
Python geoprocessing toolboxes: Published tools for integrating reference registers with the use of spatial SQL post-processing.

Development Team Biography

• Statistical Office of the Slovak Republic:
Ludmila Ivancikova (Census Project Manager)
Zuzana Podmanicka (Idea Solution, Implementation Lead)
Pavol Vadovic (IT Director)
Lucia Vanisova (Implementation Support)
Andrea Schittenhelm, Adam Zetek
• ArcGEO Information Systems, spol. s r. o.:
Miroslav Blaha (GIS Project Manager)
Marek Dorsic (Solution Architect, Technical Lead)
Ivan Zemko (Technical Director)
Marek Draskovic, Andrei Cherkas, Peter Hlocky, Matej Kucek, Adam Solc