2021 SAG Award Winners

Dept. of EMIM, EPA, R.O.C.(Taiwan)

Project Goal

Application of Machine Learning to illegal waste disposal category classification on SPOT satellite Images.

Land use in Taiwan is so complex to define legal or illegal fields, illegal waste disposal includes dumping, tipping, or burying waste on private or public land. that’s not licensed to accept it. It’s sometimes referred to as ‘illegal dumping’. It’s a significant issue for local governments and Environmental Protection Agency(EPA) in Taiwan, Not only is it a public health issue, but it also is a threat to the environment, contaminating soil and nearby waterways.

EPA use AI tools to find, investigate, and prosecute illegal waste disposal offenses. These include ArcGIS platform?classification method?Image change detection?AI(ML)? High-resolution satellite image(SPOT 7 image).

Finally, This project successfully helps EPA to find more than 7 locations of Illegal waste disposal, and another 100+ locations are verifying.
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Business Problem Solved

it is costly to prevent, monitor, enforce, and clean up illegal dumping sites, with the main challenge being the time and resources needed to capture those doing the dumping. To prevent and reduce large-scale illegal waste disposal, the EPA focuses on illegal large-scale industrial and hazardous waste disposal, including Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container?Toxic waste soil construction, and demolition materials.
ArcGIS Enterprise and AI provided an alternative way, which reduced misreport, boost productivity, and save time.

Technology Implemented

The workflow consists of ArcGIS Enterprise and AI tools to find, investigate, and prosecute illegal waste disposal offenses. These include:
1.ArcGIS Enterprise platform- Dashboards / WebApp Builder / SITES.
2.ArcGIS Pro-Image change detection
3.ArcGIS Pro-ML supervised classification method(SVM classifier)
4.High-resolution satellite images in different periods. (SPOT 7 image)
5.Drone Surveillance.
6.formal investigations or inspections.

Development Team Biography

Environmental Protection Administration, Department of Environmental Monitoring & Information Management.
Shuenn-Chin Chang, Director
Pei-Yu Wu, Deputy Director
Chun-Ming Huang, Section Chief
Wei-Ling Kuo, Systems Designer
Bo-Jhen Huang, Systems Coordinator

Interactive Digital Technologies, Inc
Tim Kuo, Vice President
Walk Chang, Director
Kunying Lee, GIS Manager
Victor Hu, GIS Analyst