2021 SAG Award Winners

NEOM Company

Project Goal

The main goal of this project was to deploy an enterprise GIS application based on the ArcGIS platform that provides access to both 2D and 3D views of the GIS data layers along with all the main GIS functions offered via web and desktop. The implemented GIS system is the digital foundation for the Smart City platform allowing seamless interfaces with other applications and transitioning to asset management in the future. ESRI worked with NEOM sectors in gathering and analyzing their functional requirements to design the GIS system and defining the roadmap for NEOM’s Enterprise GIS. The project started with stakeholder workshops and analysis of the existing data, and then the deployment of the ArcGIS platform and building the Geodatabase, which was a critical part of the scope, making the centralized GIS data repository for NEOM’s geospatial data. NEOM will ultimately leverage all ArcGIS’s patterns of use given its scale and complexity and utilize the system to its full potential.
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Business Problem Solved

Esri technologies have evolved to serve distinctly separate parts of the data life cycle of NEOM since the Go-Live date. Spatial information about assets informs planning and investment. Esri technologies are supporting NEOM find ways to monitor change and growth in the community. This project introduced the framework for analysis and decision-making using spatial information. Implementing the GIS portal helped NEOM use the new capabilities to reduce project costs and improve the review processes. With such implementation, the following are some of the fundamental values NEOM earned:
• Increased users’ collaboration and satisfaction by delivering high-quality products.
• Improved the review process by providing access to deliverables.
• Amplified the long-term value of project information for users, enabling them to leverage project content within their operations.
• Gained the trust of stakeholders by working in a secure system with controlled access that provides up-dated informa

Technology Implemented

NEOM implemented the ArcGIS platform based on the latest ArcGIS Enterprise/Desktop software (10.7/2.3 during the implementation phase). The platform includes the main building blocks, including the ArcGIS Web Adaptor, Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Server, and the ArcGIS Data Store. It was deployed based on the ESRI proposed system architecture, ensuring security, scalability, and high performance.
Establishing an Enterprise GIS for NEOM provided integrated access to a variety of information sources. Users can view and update this information from phones, tablets, or computers. The Enterprise GIS provides coordinated data management processes and organization-wide access to crucial information and provides applications that support specific business processes.
NEOM has deployed:
• Portal for ArcGIS
• ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Pro
• ArcGIS Field Operations Apps
• ArcGIS Server
• Operations Dashboard
• Enterprise Geodatabase

Development Team Biography

NEOM’s Urban Development Department and Technology and Digital sector have driven the implementation of the NEOM GIS System. Urban Development is responsible for producing detailed master plans for NEOM, including land use, cadastral, and general design strategy. The Technology and Digital sector is responsible for developing the digital infrastructure of NEOM. Combining both made it possible to create a multidisciplinary team responsible for creating a comprehensive data model, an intuitive portal, and establishing the fundamentals of the future of GIS within NEOM.