2021 SAG Award Winners

Carlton County

Project Goal

The overall goal of the project was to safely vaccinate the residents of Carlton County and surrounding area during the COVID-19 pandemic by omitting the use of paper forms and limiting human contact as much as possible. Originally, the workflow was created for the annual Influenza vaccine clinic hosted by Carlton County Public Health & Human Services (CCPHHS). The year of the pandemic, CCPHHS had decided to host their flu vaccine clinic as a drive-through event, making digital forms even more pertinent. This workflow then quickly became a pilot project for COVID-19 vaccine dispensing.
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Business Problem Solved

Created functional & intuitive digital vaccine consent/screening and vaccination forms that could be used in drive-through & walk-in clinic settings, by non-GIS users.

Objectives included:

Pre-Registration Flexibility – Survey123 Connect allowed for the development of several pre-registration forms; Online, On-Site, & Phone-In.

Maintaining Unique Records – Through list driven Dashboards in conjunction with Survey123, associated global IDs were used to build upon pre-registration, allowing for clinic checked-in & vaccine recording for each individual.

Monitoring Clinic Progress – Real-time data in Dashboards displayed the number of registrants, vaccinated attendees, & those not yet vaccinated.

Clinic Feedback – A post vaccination survey provided real-time participant ratings and comments, allowing the team to quickly adjust if needed.

24 Hr. Data Upload – Clinic data was easily extracted & batch loaded into state systems without the need to manually enter from paper fo

Technology Implemented

Survey123 Connect, Survey123 Web, Operations Dashboard, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Hub, ArcMap, ArcGIS Server.

Development Team Biography

Jared Hovi – GIS Coordinator

Siona Roberts – GIS Specialist