2021 SAG Award Winners

City of Akron

Project Goal

2020 was trying for many municipalities across the country. As we all struggled with the pandemic, the job of a City did not stop. In the midst of it all, the City of Akron’s GIS department was tasked with supporting two vitally important projects; a fire station redistricting project to ensure the new CAD would provide the most efficient and effective service and information transparency at the administrative level to help manage the pandemic and its effects on citizens and employees. How do you effectively redistrict 13 fire stations with years of historic call data and pull together personnel, financial and time keeping data from 25 year old financial and HCM systems that are too old to integrate directly? Our answer was to leverage GIS in ways we never thought possible.
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Business Problem Solved

Dashboarding: By tying the HCM/Time data to GIS through spatial views, we developed a method of displaying Insights dashboards to the administration allowing them to see the City in a new way and quickly answer important question like:
•What employees were at home?
•How much overtime is the pandemic causing?
•What does the face of our City look like in a pandemic?
Fire Redistricting: The City’s legacy CAD system was supported with outdated GIS technology. Existing fire response polygons did not provide the accuracy and precision needed to suit the needs of the City’s fire department as they progressed into an e911 CAD system. The department had simply relied upon decades of practical application and institutional knowledge, but had lacked a formal data review utilizing modern GIS technology. The resulting updated response polygons helped strategize where resources could be better located and most importantly provided more accurate, timely and effective responses to calls for servic

Technology Implemented

• ArcGIS Enterprise 10.8.2 (Portal)
• ArcGIS Insights for Portal
• ArcGIS Desktop
• ArcGIS Pro
• ArcGIS Street Map Premium
• ArcGIS Online

Development Team Biography

Darren Rozenek, IT Applications Manager. Overseeing and directing all enterprise IT applications from GIS to CIS.
Alex D Bryan, GIS Coordinator. Alex’s focus is providing team support while developing GIS solutions that solve challenges and promote operational efficiency by assisting City leaders find answers in spatial data.
Wendy Doyle, GIS Technician III. With 23 years of experience, Wendy is the City’s professional cartographer. She provides an unsurpassed level of expertise in mapping while curating an immense number of data layers consumed by nearly every department.
Luke Martin, GIS Technician III. Along with being a GIS analyst, Luke is the team’s asset management specialist with extensive experience in integrating solutions from document management to lifecycle analysis.
Mike Lambur, GIS Technician I. As the newest to the GIS team, Mike brings a fresh perspective and understanding of how to blend years of knowledge and data with the latest in geoscience technology.