2021 SAG Award Winners


Project Goal

Our aim is the implementation of a Software of Geographical Information Systems (GIS), hence we are able to get commercial and operatives datas, wich will be actualized, unfied and of quality. This allows to manage datas, in a fast and easy way, from an early stage of the field capture to its visualization on a categorized map useful to take decisions.
In this way we can make prompt connections among our users, future users and operators through mobile and desk ESRI apps, allowing us to give responses to specifics necessities and, mainly, to planify the utilization of ours resources.
The georeferencing of data allows us to improve our operational processes, to make progress in improvements related to the service provision and to became a more efficient company.
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Business Problem Solved

Mostly the ESRI software and its components help us to gather all the information on a single site, which allows us to inquired and monitorize at real time the state of distribution system as well as our costumer conditions. Furthermore, we are able to control the incorporation progress of our futures users who may have solicitated the natural gas service.
Another contribution was the mobile tools, which allows us to reduce administrative work times by managing directives in a simple way and decreasing data transferences errors. Having the processes in a digitalized format is complemented with company policy by reducing the use of paper and improving the environment care.

Technology Implemented

-ArcGIS Enterprise Standard 10.8.
-ArcGIS Desktop Standard 10.8.
-ArcGIS Desktop Basic 10.8.
-Survey 123 for ArcGIS.
-Workforce for ArcGIS.
-Dashboards for ArcGIS.
-Oracle SQL Developer.
-Oracle DB.

Development Team Biography

Gabriel Temkin - GIS Manager
Gerardo Gómez - GIS Sponsor
Ariel Sanchez - GIS Sponsor
Cristian Sosa - Senior GIS Analyst
Judith Gonzalez - GIS Analyst
Rodrigo Carrazana - GIS Analyst
Maria Ibarra - GIS Analyst
Pablo Ordoñez - GIS Analyst
Bruno Zamudio - GIS Analyst
Romina López - GIS Analyst
Iván Ortiz - GIS Analyst
Nicolas Vigiani - GIS Analyst
Paola Salvatore - GIS Analyst