2021 SAG Award Winners

USGS National Geospatial Program

Project Goal

The mission of the Bureau’s Geospatial Information Response Team (GIRT) is to coordinate, communicate, disseminate, and facilitate the use of geospatial information to assure Bureau situational awareness and resource management during disaster events. The GIRT accomplishes this through the Program’s Event Support Map (ESM). The ESM is built on the AGOL platform and includes story maps, WebMaps, WebApps, and Dashboards. The GIRT utilizes the ESM for the discovery, coordination, access, visualization, acquisition, and delivery of spatial data and products for the bureau; anticipating geospatial needs; and providing coordinated products and services that support a consolidated USGS data and application response to natural disasters.
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Business Problem Solved

The ESM provides a Bureau situational awareness and resource management platform to be used during an active hazards event as well as the near real-time visualization of that event using geospatial applications and data.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Online, WebMaps, WebApps, Dashboards, Living Atlas, Experience Builder

Development Team Biography

Lance Clampitt - GIRT Chair, USGS Hazards Data Coordinator

Christopher Cretini - GIRT Deputy Chair, USGS National Map Liaison for LA and AR.

Alexandra (Xan) Fredericks GIRT Operations Officer, USGS, National Map Liaison for FL, PR and USVI.

ESRI - ESRI Tech Support