2021 SAG Award Winners

City of Lawton

Project Goal

City Management wanted our citizens/ public to have the ability to report issues within our community by use of GIS tools. Thus we created a citizen portal via ESRI solutions. Then we created a CIP portal for the public, so they can view the progress of the CIP projects that they voted on.
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Business Problem Solved

We wanted to provide a way for our citizens to report nuisances in their neighborhood at the same time keep their anonymity if wanted or even to receive feedback from their report. Along with providing a Citizens Portal, we were able to provide a dashboard that shows the progress of our CIP Projects to allow the city to have transparency to the public. Currently we are working on a cemetery project that allows loved ones to search for their burial places at the City of Lawton's Highland Cemetery. We are also working with Tyler Technologies in implementing our GIS data into all of their GIS-oriented systems we have purchased.

Technology Implemented

The city was looking at other software vendors to provide a Citizens portal. I remembered that ESRI has a website for different types of solutions for the local governments and it had a citizens reporting solutions. I used that solution and tailored it to our needs via ArcPro and branded it with our logo. Thus IHelp Lawton was created. Later I was tasked to create a Capital Improvement Project portal, and found the CIP solution, where I tailored it to fit our needs. We were able to push these portals via ArcGIS Online. Also, we use the web applications to provide information to the citizens and Data Collector to collect data from different divisions to keep our GIS data updated.

Development Team Biography

Judy Franco, GIS Supervisor. I have been with the City of Lawton for 22 years. I started out as a Programmer Analyst. Then in 2008, I attended my first GIS event, and then I changed my career path to GIS. In 2010, I was hired as a GIS Analyst for the City of Lawton. Since then GIS has been providing solutions for the City of Lawton.