2021 SAG Award Winners

City of Grapevine

Project Goal

A Grapevine Police Officer, serving on the Active Shooter Committee and Northeast Tarrant County SWAT Team, approached Grapevine GIS with an idea of gathering data on access and navigation of school campuses. His primary concern was that information on how to efficiently enter a school and then identify the fastest route to an emergency situation inside was not readily available. Up to this point, everything was conceptual, leaving the first responders unfamiliar with the layout of schools. GIS proposed to develop standardized data for building entry, and room number and type categories. These data standards would then be collected by the police officer on each individual campus through the utilization of Collector for ArcGIS. The end goal being to provide a common operating picture through web-based and hard copy maps to ensure the fastest response time possible.
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Business Problem Solved

The access to the schools were categorized by easy, moderate, and hard depending on the door material and key type. Furthermore, each campus has a door numbering system that was also captured as unique identifiers. The existing building plans and evacuation maps of schools were too detailed and not standardized which did not support fast response once inside the facility. Therefore, as the room number and type was captured standard symbology and labeling was applied to simplify school layouts. The access and navigation of school campuses and facilities became streamlined by standardized data, symbology, and labeling. The Critical Response Data Viewer empowers dispatchers, police officers, medics, and incident command to efficiently and effectively respond to incidents at local schools. The next phase of this project is to utilize Site Scan to acquire and process drone imagery of school facilities to enhance the readiness of first responders.

Technology Implemented

The goal of empowering customers with GIS technology was achieved by fostering the use of GIS by non-GISers through web-based services such as Collector for ArcGIS, Survey123 for ArcGIS, Map Viewer, Web AppBuilder, and Operations Dashboard. The successfully implemented solutions may not necessarily fit into every organization, however it is guaranteed the technology utilized can be leveraged by any GIS customer. The backbone providing these web-based services is an ArcGIS Enterprise configured infrastructure along with ArcGIS Pro and ArcGIS Desktop.

Development Team Biography

Betsi Chatham, GISP, City of Grapevine GIS Manager, has been serving in the Texas government GIS industry for the last 28 years at both the state and local levels. Betsi received a Bachelor of Arts in Geomorphology from Arizona State University, and a Masters in Applied Geography from Southwest Texas State University.
Michael Rogers, GISP, City of Grapevine GIS Analyst, has been serving local Texas governments for nine years. Michael currently holds an Associates of Applied Science in GIS and is pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Information Technologies.
Larry J. Blake, City of Grapevine GIS Technician, has been in and out of GIS throughout his career. He received a BS in Industrial Engineering Technology and an MBA in Business Analysis from Texas A&M University as well as a GIS Certificate at Dallas College. Larry has continually sharpened his skills in GIS by taking additional self-study GIS courses.