2021 SAG Award Winners

Kansas Department of Health and Environment

Project Goal

KDHE GIS supported the statewide planning process for COVID-19 vaccine distribution. Following CDC guidelines, we downloaded Esri population estimates at the county level for racial and ethnic minority groups, individuals 65 years and older, individuals with disabilities, individuals that are underinsured or uninsured, individuals living in congregate settings, and individuals attending colleges or universities. We also reached out to several statewide certification boards and professional organizations to compare those estimates with licensing and membership databases. We aggregated this data into an interactive Dashboard that provided subtotals of the priority groups based on the counties selected in the map. Additionally, we created PDF maps and a custom web app that summarized the results of a statewide hospital assets survey conducted by the Kansas Hospital Association. Those products informed the immunization team’s decisions on vaccine distribution while doses were limited.
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Business Problem Solved

One challenge our planners encountered was that close to 26 percent of Kansans live in rural areas. Since the initial vaccine received by the state required ultra-cold storage and significant storage space, the decision was made to preposition the vaccine at select locations. The locations were selected based on their ability to manage the vaccine until it could be redistributed broadly across the state, including both rural and urban locations. The goal was to ensure vaccine availability to high risk healthcare workers across the entire state. Using the GIS dashboards, the immunization team was able to select appropriate locations and map redistribution routes for vaccine delivery.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Community Analyst
ArcGIS Dashboards
ArcGIS Pro
ArcGIS Web AppBuilder

Development Team Biography

Amy Roust, GISP, joined KDHE as a geospatial database administrator in 2020. She has more than 10 years of experience in both the public and private sector supporting GIS clients in local and state government. Amy has an M.A. in Geography from the University of Missouri and earned her GIS Professional (GISP) certification in 2016.
Nolita LaVoie, GISP, is a geospatial database administrator for the KDHE. For the past 17 years in this role, she has had the opportunity to provide GIS services to all bureaus within KDHE. Prior to joining KDHE’s IT, Nolita was a GIS Analyst for KDHE’s Bureau of Water. She graduated from Kansas State Polytechnic Campus degreed in Environmental Engineering Technology with an emphasis in Geographic Information Systems.