2021 SAG Award Winners

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services and Office of the Chief Information Officer

Project Goal

Operations Dashboard was utilized by the State to inform citizens with COVID-19 case information, and later the state’s vaccination efforts. The initial case dashboard was deployed in March 2020. As things progressed, requests increased for additional data. Requests for changes continued regularly over several months, each with a very short deadline. As the dashboard evolved, the team utilized Experience Builder to streamline upgrades. In December 2020, the team was given one week to develop a vaccine dashboard mockup. The final product was released to the public in January 2021. The last release in May 2021 displays showed both case and vaccine information in a consolidated dashboard. Most of the case data were updated automatically throughout most of pandemic, yet some data was entered manually daily via a separate application. The dashboard has been well received. NebraskaMap was utilized to provide a “one-stop shop” for other COVID-19 resources being produced within the state.
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Business Problem Solved

Operations Dashboards solved the need to communicate COVID-19 case and vaccine, including hospital capacity, deaths and demographic analysis of each. Daily updates kept the public informed and assisted leaders in course of action decisions for the State of Nebraska. The technologies utilized and processes developed in this effort are now being considered for future projects relating to public health for internal, partner and general public use applications

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Enterprise, Portal for ArcGIS using Operations Dashboard, Experience Builder, ArcGIS Online using Operations Dashboard, ArcGIS Hub, Web App builder

Development Team Biography

John Watermolen, GIS Manager/State GIS Coordinator, OCIO
Jeff Timm, GIS Application Developer-Senior, OCIO
Justin Wolff, GIS Application Developer-Senior, OCIO
Trisha Schlake - GIS Application Developer-Senior, OCIO
David Loyall- Application Developer-Senior, OCIO/DHHS
Derry Stover- Epidemiologist, DHHS
Alison Keyser-Metobo – Epidemiologist, DHHS

John has been with OCIO since 2017 and has been in the GIS/Cartography field since 1988
Jeff has been with OCIO since 2014 and began working with GIS in 2006.
Justin has been with OCIO since 2018 and began working with GIS in 2001.
Trisha has been with OCIO since 2019. Trisha has been using GIS since.
David has been with the OCIO serving the DHHS Public Health team since 2012.
Derry has worked as an epidemiologist for the Nebraska DHHS since 2012.
Alison has worked as an epidemiologist for the Nebraska DHHS since 2007.