2021 SAG Award Winners

ANEPC - Autoridade Nacional de Emergência e Proteção Civil

Project Goal

FEB Monitoring is a Portuguese civil protection geographic information system used for the collection, production, statistical andgeostatistical predictive analysis of information, to assist the operational planning activities of the emergency and civil protection nationalservices, as well as a tool for the support of the activities of strategic planning. The project promotes the innovation and development oftools that contribute to improving the effectiveness and efficiency of action by the elements of the national civil protection. It's a notableexample of the contribution of GIS to the effectiveness of action, efficiency and economy.

Business Problem Solved

Provision of a general geographic analysis tool via the web with multiple capacities for providing tailored geographic analysis,with the ability to integrate basic information that enables the creation of automatic workflows that produce context data for the entireterritory of Portugal in a format that can be transported for assistance in operations performed on the ground. The implementation of this tools result in a strengthening off the support for operational decision, the availability of information and image data in real time and in an optimization of resource commitment.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Pro and extensions
ArcGIS Online
ArcGIS Collector
ArcGIS Survey
ArcGIS Operational Dashboard
ArcGIS QuickCapture
ArcGIS Full Motion Video

Development Team Biography

Alexandre Penha
Fabio Silva
Carlos Mota
Giuseppe Cornaglia
The operatives from the Analysis and Use of Fire Group (GAUF – Grupo de Análise e Uso do Fogo) form the Special Force of Civil Protection (FEPC – Força Especial de Protecção Civil)