2021 SAG Award Winners

County of Sullivan - Information Technology Services

Project Goal

The Sullivan County ITS, GIS Program staff are committed to providing high quality GIS data and services to the public. The overall program goal is to empower our public and our organization with reliable, authoritative data they can use. This in turn, is intended to enable our staff more time to dedicate to the initiatives and solutions that promote community growth and improve the lives of our citizens.
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Business Problem Solved

While many of our solutions are behind firewalls, limited to use by county staff, we also have a number of publically available resources.

Apps have enable the public to more easily accomplish their personal and business goals from the comfort of their own work environment. Open data has provided a reliable, readily available, data resource for local municipal gov'ts, engineers, and surveying companies with whom we regularly collaborate. This collaboration has enabled us to continually improve the quality of our maps.

Organizational apps have improved, and continue to improve, planning efforts, emergency response, emergency management, tourism, public outreach, information transparency, community support, and county growth.

Technology Implemented

ArcMap, ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Online, ArcGIS Hub, ArcGIS Enterprise Portal, ArcGIS Solutions, Field Maps, Collector, Web AppBuilder, Configurable Templates, Operations Dashboard

Development Team Biography

A special thanks is extended to Alex Rau, 911 Coordinator; Rick Sauer, Public Safety Commissioner; Nancy McGraw, Public Health Director; Lorne Green, ITS Commissioner; Josh Potosek, County Manager; and the Sullivan County Legislative body for their support of the Sullivan County GIS Program.

The following individuals have played a key roll in the development of our program: Jennifer D. Stone, GIS Coordinator, project/program lead, app developer, system administrator; Chris Knapp, GIS Analyst/Specialist; Anita Hunt, Tax Map/911 Addressing Technician; Edward Homenick, GIS Technician; Tom Wells, GIS Technician; David Catizone, GIS Technician; Quintin Foy, GIS Technician, app developer, system administrator; and Mike Kelly, GIS/CAD Integration Specialist.

Please note, some individuals listed above may no longer serve in the capacity listed, having retired or been promoted. Capacity shown is, in many cases, based on job function, not title.