2021 SAG Award Winners

City of Lebanon and GIS INC

Project Goal

To help predict when flooding would occur on Lebanon's downtown square and to help give owners some advanced notice when flooding might occur.
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Business Problem Solved

Only manual flood heights were visible on Sinking Creek, which runs through the downtown portion of Lebanon. By placing 3 sensors along Sinking Creek we will be able to provide citizens with an online map and in the future advance notification on flooding in the area.

Technology Implemented

ESRI GeoEvent, Portal and Dashboards

Development Team Biography

Kevin Cross - GIS Manager
RT Baldwin - Special Project Manager
Lee Clark - General Services Director
Jared Granstaff - GIS Tech III
Patrick Robbins - GIS Tech II
Tim Troxler - GIS Inc.
Sasha Lockamy - GIS Inc.
Calvin Echols - GIS Inc.
Bill Friml - Senix Corp.
Rob Macklin - Senix Corp.