2021 SAG Award Winners

City of Newport News, VA

Project Goal

The Coronavirus Hub was designed to provide a city administration solution for coronavirus management and recovery and provide a single place for residents to find the latest updates regarding the pandemic. The Coronavirus Hub evolved overtime to meet the ever changing needs associated with managing the pandemic. Initially, a platform to share information with the public and show business statuses, it became a central repository for decision making support for the City and local health department incorporating data on mask violations and areas with higher numbers of cases and then as vaccines began to come out data on challenges businesses were facing and potential pop-up vaccine sites that would assure our most at risk residents were able to have access to a vaccine.
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Business Problem Solved

When the pandemic first took hold and there was no timeline for reopening we knew a solution would be needed to communicate with the public and ensure city leaders could make real time data-driven decisions. The Coronavirus Hub promoted small businesses during the pandemic, provided data on health order compliance, displayed vaccine information and listed economic resources for affected businesses and residents. From this, the city was able to target pop-up vaccine sites in strategic areas to ensure everyone had equal access to the vaccine should they want it. Fiscally, over $2 million in local small business loans and grants went to 450 businesses and the city can see if the distribution of funds were done equitably. In addition, over $1.3 million in work orders related to pandemic have been tracked ensuring a seamless process when applying for reimbursement. The Coronavirus Hub has cut down on the time it takes to access resources related to the pandemic and provides a one stop shop.

Technology Implemented

Many parts of the ArcGIS ecosystem were utilized to best serve the community and ensure a dynamic user experience including: we used ArcGIS Server 10.8.1, both Enterprise and AGOL, Pro Desktop, Hub Premium, Dashboards, StoryMaps, Community Analyst, Experience Builder, Survey123, and Map Viewer. We also took advantage of many of the many ESRI maps, data sources, solutions and resources available to quickly stand up a working web presence.

Development Team Biography

Many people assisted in the creation of the Coronavirus Hub. Key members of the team from the City of Newport News IT Department, include Ben Scott – Solutions Architect, Tammie Organski – IT Project Manager, and Brian Pierce, AICP – GIS Analyst. We would also like to acknowledge the support provided by the staff at ESRI.