2021 SAG Award Winners

Arizona State Land Department and Several other counties in Arizona

Project Goal

The AZGeo Data Hub is an initiative of the Arizona Geographic Information Council (AGIC) and was developed in partnership with the Arizona State Land Department. AZGeo provides access to online map services, FGDC compliant metadata, geospatial data downloads, and applications which are utilized by municipal, regional, state and tribal governments, private companies and the public to support the needs of Arizona’s citizens. Access is free and provides registered users access to ArcGIS Online GIS tools. AZGeo collaborates with a variety of agencies allowing geospatial professionals throughout the state to consolidate their data and applications in a shared site, reducing redundant data and repeated requests for data. Additionally, since this initiative has been recently modernized to Esri’s Hub environment, GIS professionals across the state are able to quickly and easily integrate and share their existing data, workflows and applications as well as quickly roll out new applications.
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Business Problem Solved

AZGeo is the state of Arizona’s geospatial solution to duplicative (non-authoritative) datasets, inefficient workflows and collaboration platform challenges. It provides a centralized access point for authoritative data, cross jurisdictional collaborative space, GIS tools and functionality to under-served and/or resource challenged entities, custom applications, and much more to citizen’s and GIS professionals in Arizona.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Hub Premium

Development Team Biography

Ryan Johnson, CIO - Arizona State Land Department

Jenna Leveille, Deputy State Cartographer – Arizona State Land Department

Kasey Green, AZGeo Data Curator – Arizona State Land Department

Shea Lemar, Geospatial Research and Solutions Director – ASU School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning

Ayan Mitra, Geospatial Research and Solutions Developer - ASU School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning