2021 SAG Award Winners

Village of Los Lunas

Project Goal

The Village of Los Lunas’s goal is to use our ESRI software to its fullest potential, and deploy Solutions that will improve our operations. Los Lunas has used ESRI software for E911 mapping and zoning maps for many years, and in the past 2 years the Community Development Department and Public Works Department have both actively worked to use GIS for customer service, internal development review and asset management. Public Works has been digitizing as-builts for underground utilities, very helpful for our development review process. Other public works data is also digitized so that we can keep track of replacement schedules for asset management. Community Development has recently deployed our Code Enforcement Service Request through ESRI, enabling our residents to easily report issues such as weeds and rubbish. A Code Enforcement map allows our field officers to mark properties with photos and notes for their records and to communicate the information back to the office.
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Business Problem Solved

The main business problem we have solved is communication. Our Community Development and Public Works Departments are the primary departments who review incoming development to the Village. When information is scattered throughout various staff’s files and sometimes off-site in an archives building, it is difficult to provide a timely answer to developers, residents and landowners who have questions about their project or property. When all of us have access to the same information through online maps, we spend significantly less staff time searching for answers and provide the most accurate information possible when asked.

Technology Implemented

Both departments use ArcPro and ArcMap for daily GIS data management, and increasingly deploy maps and apps through ArcGIS Online. We configured the Citizen Problem Reporter Solution for our Code Enforcement Service Request. For other outreach, we also use ESRI Hub and Survey123. At this time, we are just about to deploy ESRI Enterprise throughout the Village, and once that is complete we hope to also utilize Field Apps and introduce GIS to some of our other departments.

Development Team Biography

Erin Callahan, Community Development Director
Michael Jaramillo, Public Works Director
Alex Ochoa, Community Planner
Victor Sanchez, Public Works GIS Technician
Sonia Walker, Planning Technician