2021 SAG Award Winners

Valley County and City of McCall, ID and City of McCall

Project Goal

When business and operation changes began happening quickly and evolving almost daily as the pandemic progressed, the City of McCall and Valley County decided to work together to create a Survey123 and Operations Dashboard integration that would allow businesses to publish and update their details to give communities they serve a one-stop site to view information. We wanted to make the process easy and organized for both businesses and users.
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Business Problem Solved

We created a site that allowed for business throughout the County to communicate with the communities they serve so that communities understood how to get what they needed and support the local businesses they depended on while also giving the businesses a chance to help the communities understand how to support them/keep their doors open throughout the pandemic.
We also asked which businesses were willing to allow the community to park outside their buildings and use their internet which is important for those families that have no internet service but need to search for work, apply for unemployment or study/attend classes.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Online, Survey123, Operations Dashboard

Development Team Biography

Kara Utter, GIS Analyst, Valley County
Garrett Mapp, GIS Analyst, City of McCall