2021 SAG Award Winners

Montana Department of Environmental Quality

Project Goal

In 2019, Montana DEQ set out to develop an entirely new approach to Enterprise-level GIS. The goal was to establish GIS access for all DEQ employees and implement a broad governance structure to enable expanded use of GIS to meet program and departmental needs. This required alignment of senior leadership and the management team across all program areas to achieve a common vision.
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Business Problem Solved

As an environmental regulatory agency, Montana DEQ works with geographic and spatial data every day. From monitoring well locations, to permitted mine boundaries, to public schools where lead sampling is taking place, our data is often best communicated visually using mapping tools. The challenge was to figure out how to achieve broad expansion of GIS capabilities across the agency in a comprehensive, well-planned, sustainable way.

The small GIS team was challenged to find a way to bring all DEQ employees on board through a new governance structure and training at all skill levels. This required an entirely new technical approach, as well as an agency-wide culture change to embrace ownership of GIS by scientists and engineers within program areas rather than reliance on a handful of GIS professionals. Montana DEQ's GIS professionals now serve as true GIS experts, supporting and in partnership with program staff.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Enterprise suite

Development Team Biography

Nat Carter- GIS Developer
Chris Stump- GIS Developer
Kim Wells- GIS Analyst
Mark Blevins- GIS Analyst
Chris Kangas- GIS Analyst
Carly Dorshorst- GIS Power User
Jake Mohrmann- GIS Power User
Don Danesi- GIS Power User
Jim Stimson- GIS Power User
Kevin Boice- GIS System Administrator
Adam Griffith- GIS System Administrator
Mike Knudson- GIS System Administrator
Bill Puknat- Computer System Analyst
Staci Stolp- Computer System Analyst
Eric Dahlgren- Computer System Analyst
Casey Bogard- Computer System Analyst
Jolene McQuillan- Database Administrator
Emily Lodman-Hydrologist
Damon Songer- Project Manager
Moira Davin- Public Information Officer