2021 SAG Award Winners

Jackson County and State of Oregon

Project Goal

Jackson County GIS Services provided support during and after the catastrophic Almeda and Obenchain fires which started September of 2020. With over 2500 homes destroyed, the fires were unlike anything seen previously in the Rogue Valley. GIS staff provided products for emergency mapping, evacuation boundaries, damage assessments, citizen notification/engagement, and the team is still supporting restoration. The County GIS response effort was aided by numerous GIS professionals from a variety of agencies who rallied to the cause.
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Business Problem Solved

The GIS team had to be responsive, flexible, and innovative to work with multiple agencies in a dynamic environment. GIS tools and solutions provided by the team allowed personnel to work effectively, provide mutual aid, and engage with agencies, citizens, and NGOs. ESRI services and tools facilitated GIS support from other jurisdictions and agencies to assist the effort.

Technology Implemented

In addition to Survey123, Dashboards, and solid general GIS functionality, ESRI tools provided agency and team collaboration through ArcGIS Online, ArcGISPro, and feature datasets/services.

Development Team Biography

Brady Smith, GISP, Senior GIS Analyst
Karim Naguib, GIS Coordinator
Len Jacobson, GISP, Applications Manager
Mark Decker, IT Director