2021 SAG Award Winners

U.S. Census Bureau

Project Goal

Initiated by the Economic Directorate of the U.S. Census Bureau, the project goal was to create an interactive platform that would provide easy access to key Census Bureau and other data related to the Coronavirus pandemic. These data would include Census Bureau programs like the American Community Survey as well as new programs like the Small Business Pulse Survey that were launched in 2020 to measure the actual impact of the pandemic. The platform would be created in an agile environment, allowing the Hub to evolve based on changing pandemic conditions and feedback.
The data would be presented in interactive dashboards and maps to allow for easy online viewing and downloadable formats (including data layers) to allow more advanced users to incorporate the data into their own platforms.
These data are critical to help federal, state, and local government officials as well as business owners and leaders make data-driven decisions in their rapid response to the pandemic.
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Business Problem Solved

This platform solved many of the challenges that users who are not familiar with Census Bureau programs and tools often have with accessing the data they need. These challenges include finding the data they need and accessing it once they have located it.
These users include policy makers, emergency managers, and health department officials who are not frequent users of Census Bureau data. These key data are often presented on dozens of disparate Census Bureau and other data platforms, which make accessing and merging the data across the programs difficult for these users. These merges result in the most powerful insights that may not be as visible in each separate program.
The COVID Hub also introduced key Census Bureau information to data users who were previously unfamiliar with them and helped encourage them to further explore more of the data from these programs in other Census Bureau data tools.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Online was used as the base, SAS platform for the entire site, and ArcGIS Hub was used as the open data platform that allows for searching, navigation, and other core features of the tool. Interactive Dashboards were also used, as were Policy Maps and Open Data. ArcGIS Experience Builder allowed for both web-based desktop access as well as mobile access to the platform with both consolidated and separate platform dashboards and other components. Finally, Python API was used to process the weekly data from key Census programs that were incorporated into the Hub.

Development Team Biography

Core Team
George "Chip" Walker; Special Assistant, Economic Programs Directorate
Andrew W. Hait; Survey Statistician/Economist, Economic Management Division
Nicole S. Scanniello; Assistant Division Chief, American Community Survey Office (ACSO)
David A. Raglin; Chief, Survey Analysis and Measures Branch, ACSO
Subject Matter Experts
American Community Survey: Mike Starsinic, Eunha Choi, Sirius Fuller, Nathan Walters, and Hyon Shin
CRE: Bethany Desalvo and Gabriel Amaro
Small Business Pulse Survey: Rebecca Hutchinson, Rachel Lynn Butler and Kathy Bonney
International Database: Derek Azar, Samual Dupre, John Fitzwater