2021 SAG Award Winners

Craft Foundation Inc. and USDA Agricultural Research Service

Project Goal

Citrus greening disease has devastated the Florida citrus industry over the last decade. There is no "cure" as yet, however many mitigation practices and treatments have been tested in laboratory settings. The goal of the CRAFT program is to test citrus greening treatment and mitigation strategies on newly planted citrus trees in commercial citrus groves through the conduct of broad-scale field trials and demonstrations over a period of six years. During the test period, data will be collected and centralized data management for analysis will reveal which mitigation treatments and production practices, including citrus greening rootstock/scion combinations, show the most promise for tree survival in a citrus greening disease environment while new treatments are developed. The program will include the collection of cost data. The CRAFT model came from recommendations by an expert panel with the National Academies of Sciences studying citrus greening disease.
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Business Problem Solved

In the past, Florida citrus growers have been using mixed strategies to combat citrus greening. Treatments have varied by grower with no reported results shared that can be attributed to the various greening treatments. With the analysis of CRAFT data collected by the CRAFT program, researchers and growers will soon be able to make decisions about what practices will work best and at what costs.

Technology Implemented

Survey123 for data collection; ArcGIS Online (including ArcGIS Story Maps and Dashboards) for data sharing and visualization; ArcGIS Enterprise for data management and ArcGIS Pro for data analysis

Development Team Biography

Kristen Carlson- CRAFT Foundation Inc. Executive Dir./Program Manager; Tamara Wood- CRAFT Asst. Program Manager; Dr. Patricia Ouimet- Co-Principal Investigator, Pepsico Inc.; Dr. Trevor Smith- Co-Principal Investigator, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services/DPI;
Dr. Michael Buser- USDA/ARS National Program Leader for Engineering/NRSAS; Dr. Marlen Eve- Deputy Administrator of National Programs USDA/ARS/NRSAS, USDA/ARS Bruce Vandenberg- Co-Lead of Partners in Data Innovation Team (PDI) USDA/ARS/PDI Information Technology Specialist; Caryn Nezat- GIS Analyst for USDA/ARS/PDI and Soil and Crop Sciences Colorado State Univ.; Roger Marquez- GIS/Software Engineer USDA/ARS/PDI and Colorado State Univ.; USDA/ARS/PDI and Soil and Crop Sciences Colorado State Univ.; Morgan Dye- Computer Science with USDA/ARS/PDI and Colorado State Univ.; Paul Millhouser- Research Associate and GIS Analyst with USDA/ARS/PDI and Colorado State Univ.