2021 SAG Award Winners

State of Wyoming Game and Fish

Project Goal

We wanted to modernize our GIS program and implement additional elements of an 'enterprise' GIS environment. We started by entering into an Enterprise Advantage Program (EAP) with Esri and then brought in Rok Technologies, an Esri Business Partner, to ultimately host and manage a portion of our enterprise environment.
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Business Problem Solved

Our top priority was to enable our end-users (agency employees) to access authoritative geospatial data from a single central location.

Technology Implemented

Primarily ArcGIS Enterprise. We set up a Collaboration between Portal and ArcGIS Online to meet our needs.

Development Team Biography

Kirk Nordyke - Geospatial Technology Supervisor and with Game & Fish for about 30 years.

Denise Jensen - GIS Developer with Game & Fish for about 6 years.

Troy Gerhardt - GIS Support Specialist with Game & Fish for about 16 years.

Erica Cirigliano - GIS Analyst with Game & Fish for about 3 years.

Thomas Koenig - GIS Technician with Game & Fish for about 2 years.

Several other agency employees participated in various ways to help represent end-user needs.