2021 SAG Award Winners


Project Goal

With HORNE’s growing Government Services business line dedicated to supporting state and local governments with compliance, grant management, and natural disaster recovery solutions, GIS services quickly became a necessity. We support programs across the U.S., Puerto Rico and Virgin Islands many of which are focused on providing assistance to homeowners impacted by hurricanes or fires.

Because time is of the essence with any disaster recovery program, the main GIS goal was to implement a GIS Enterprise solution. After a successful software implementation in the HORNE cloud environment our focus turned to establishing a reliable, centralized, yet flexible, platform. Design points included streamlining workflows, maintaining and improving data integrity, integration with existing business systems, developing for repeatability, and increasing collaboration amongst staff and clients.
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Business Problem Solved

The successful implementation of Enterprise ArcGIS has allowed us to solve the following business problems:
1) Keeping applicant data updated and current. GIS data centralization and integration with internal business systems allows for increased data access and easy updates across the platform.
2) During program planning, identifying potential program outreach areas to estimate potential applicants through analyzing impact areas and demographics.
3) Identifying whether an applicant meets program eligibility requirements.
4) Improved applicant processing time, particularly those tasks related to performing and reporting environmental reviews.
5) Decreased drive times using Workforce to schedule inspections geographically.
6) Increased dissemination of data through GIS web applications to answer specific questions in easy-to-use tools in both public and private environments.
7) Expedited reporting through the development of spatial data models and automated map production.

Technology Implemented

HORNE’s Esri ArcGIS Enterprise solution encompasses a variety of technologies:
• Centralized SQL Server Enterprise Geodatabases
• ArcGIS Enterprise (Portal) and ArcGIS Online
• ArcGIS Pro/Desktop for analyses and custom model development
• ArcGIS Workforce is used to schedule field inspectors
• ArcGIS Collector and Survey 123
• Business Analyst Desktop and Web versions
• ArcGIS Insights
• Web AppBuilder, Dashboards and Story Maps
• Esri Advantage Program provided consulting for custom widget and model development and provides specialized training.

Development Team Biography

• Lori Cunningham – Senior GIS Manager
• Dion O’Reilly – Senior GIS Database Administrator and Field Services Manager
• Aaron O’Neill – GIS Analyst
• Daniel Diaz – Senior GIS Manager, Puerto Rico
• Kathryn Waggenspack – GIS Analyst
• Karyn Harrison – Senior Manager, Environmental Reviews
• Bill Wadlington – Senior IT Manager