2021 SAG Award Winners

Cisco Systems, Inc.

Project Goal

Our project was multi-faceted:
1. Move our existing GIS applications over to the ArcGIS enterprise platform. Developed several applications for different user groups to provide them continues visibility of the Cisco service logistics coverage footprint and the respective outgoing service RMA’s that support our customer’s networks and high tech installations.
2. Digitize the field service coverage capabilities. Instead of documenting and maintaining millions of zip codes to capture Cisco’s Onsite Engineering capabilities, we now use a combination of drive time service polygons for our 2hr and 4hr response capabilities as well as country/local admin boundaries for next calendar and next business day response capabilities.
3. Improved RMA insights, data analytics and continue to drive automation. The ArcGIS portal engages our users and puts the data straight into their hands to create visualizations as well as download reports pertaining to performance improvement opportunities.
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Business Problem Solved

Enable business users to build their own maps and apps to analyze the service coverage capabilities from the discovery to delivery and support. The Service Delivery Insights Platform (SDIP) evolves GSLO’s ability to provide the most accurate and comprehensive information regarding inventory planning, logistics and field services through the use of geographical information system (GIS) technology. GSLO’s service offerings become easier to understand and explain when we can see the relationships and patterns between coverage and capabilities. SDIP provides us with the tools to calculate actual service coverage by analyzing and comparing real world data such as customer and depot locations, driving distances, traffic patterns, and even weather, to determine accurate delivery times and contract assignments.

Technology Implemented

1. ArcGIS Enterprise
2. ArcGIS Online
3. ArcGIS Geocoding, Network Analysis APIs
4. ArcGIS Pro, Network Analyst, ArcPy
5. ArcGIS Insights
6. ArcGIS for PowerBI
7. ArcGIS Map for Office
8. ArcGIS API for Javascript
9. ArcGIS API for Python

Development Team Biography

1. Mike Strain - Executive Sponsor
2. Jeff Dooley - Executive Sponsor
3. Warner de Gooijer - Cisco GIS Office Lead
4. Ram Venna - GIS Expert and Systems Architect
5. Celine Chang - Global Business Analyst
6. Margaret O’Neil - Global GIS Analyst
7. Colin Koh - Technical Lead
8. Sapana Chordia - IT Architect
9. Venkata Kotagiri - Business Program Manager
10. Uma Patil - IT Program Manager
11. Katharine Lam - Former Business Program Manager
12. Chris Jercha - Former EPIC Owner
13. Lorraine Lim - Former IT Program Manager
14. Neetha Tambisetty - Scrum Master
15. Divya Madhavan - Scrum member
16. Mahesh Bagayyagari - Scrum member
17. Vibhavathi Aralaguppi - Scrum member