2021 SAG Award Winners

Elgin Police Department

Project Goal

The Elgin Police Department wanted to improve information and data transparency as a way to help strengthen the bond of trust between our agency and those in the community that we serve.
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Business Problem Solved

The Elgin community now has access to near real-time crime dashboards. We felt it was also important to provide a continuous count of dispatched calls for service which displays next to the ongoing counts for incidents involving response to resistance as well as performance complaints. Each of these counts are supported with dashboards for further exploration. Employee and recruitment demographic data are shared, as are the outreach initiatives undertaken by the department and good news about our employees. We plan to keep expanding information we provide in this portal.

Technology Implemented

Esri's open data hub

Development Team Biography

For the project to be successful, the team knew the site had to be easy to use with data clearly defined and supported with context.

Kristie Hilton, Public Information & Community Outreach Manager (now retired), created the user experience of the hub. Her 22+ year experience as a crime analyst and PIO helped her formulate a design plan that she hoped users would find easy to interact with.

The technical aspects of the site's configuration and the script that was required to provide a link between the police records management system and the Hub were diligently developed and refined by:

Chris Nawrot, GIS Specialist
Rich Snyder, GIS Analyst
Joe Bush, Senior Systems Specialist

This was a team effort where each person who contributed had different expertise that lead to the successful launch of the transparency hub.