2021 SAG Award Winners

Ministerio de Bienes Nacionales and IDE

Project Goal

From the point of view of territory and innovation, one of the main challenges faced by the SNIT was transmitting territorial information to the general public, therefore, it became necessary to work about intuitive Territorial Intelligence platforms, which facilitate management and allow instant analysis. Now, the data was made available in an agile and friendly way to citizens and public organization through 10 territorial dashboard, among them, the Covid-19 dashboard, which georeferenced the progress of the pandemic and vaccination plan throughout Chile, so that both authorities and citizens can make better decisions.
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Business Problem Solved

SNIT - IDE Chile (SDI Chile), from the Ministry of National Assets, incorporated the concept of Territorial Intelligence to share data with the government and citizens, so that everyone can make better informed decisions, with transparent access to geographic data.

Our territorial intelligence policy aims to get closer to citizens, so that technical geographic data can tell a story by presenting information in a way that facilitates understanding by the general public, through Dashboards.

Technology Implemented

Arcgis Dashboards

Development Team Biography

Minister Julio Isamit: Minister and President of the Council of Ministers of Territorial Information of Chile

Advisor to the Minister José Manuel Parodi: Coordination of the Cabinets of the Ministries of Chile.

Advisor to the Minister Sebastián Devlahovich: Coordination of the Cabinets of the Ministries of Chile.

Executive Secretary SNIT Cristián Araneda: Project Coordination of the Executive Secretariat SDI Chile.

Chief Technology Officer SNIT Jorge Montesinos: Dashboard Development and Implementation.