2021 SAG Award Winners

Pertamina Hulu Energi

Project Goal

Disruption also has an impact on the oil and gas industry, including Pertamina as the oil and gas company in Indonesia. In the 4.0 industrial revolution of the era of digitalization, SHU Pertamina answers the challenges by creating an integrated GIS system and Introduce digital GIS Platform into day to day oil and gas business named XD World (eXplore Digital World).

Speed is the main requirement at this time, decision-makers are too often caught in traditional, linear (and non-disruptive) thinking or too absorbed by immediate concerns to think strategically about the forces of disruption and innovation shaping our future. GIS in the oil and gas industry is a rapidly growing field of interest.

XD World was designed for managing all SHU Pertamina assets including its performance, planning, and strategic business portfolio so that management can make a quick evaluation and faster decision-making process in the oil and gas business effectively.
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Business Problem Solved

Currently, SHU Pertamina has more than 70 Subsidiaries Asset consisting of Producing Block, Exploration Asset, or Joint Venture Block that spread along western Indonesia in Sumatra Island to the eastern part of Indonesia Papua Island. SHU Pertamina has more than 10,000 wells with a total asset of 12.000 Km length pipelines and more than 500 offshore structures that have been producing oil and gas for more than 25 years.

Under this circumstance, monitoring asset integrity and reliability becomes important in order to support sustainable production and avoiding major incidents that cause environmental damage, financial loss, and company’s reputation.

In recent years, the growth and heterogeneity of spatial and dynamic data are highly increased. A certain tool will be needed to integrate & utilize those kinds of data for appropriate analyses.

Using XD World, business complexity, monitoring mature assets and integrating scattered data in SHU Pertamina would be manageable.

Technology Implemented

XD World system was built using ArcGIS Enterprise Advanced technology that was deployed from Portal of ArcGIS, ArcGIS GIS Server, ArcGIS Data Store and ArcGIS Web Adapter (IIS).

The interface of this system created through ArcGIS App in the Operational Dashboard and WebApp Builder features. The interface was also customized by ArcGIS Site module in order to get interactive and compact results.

To accommodate the necessity of spatial data management using RDBMS mechanism, ArcSDE was connected to ArcGIS Desktop/Pro, which will allow XD World to retrieve data from database systems such as Oracle or SQL server.

Currently, XD World system has been set up to receive data streams using ArcGIS Geo-event Server and optimize the feature by using real-time data collection application such as Survey 123 and Collector For ArcGIS, furthermore including to process business data using ArcGIS Insight.

Development Team Biography

1) Exploration Director: Medy Kurniawan
As an Exploration Director, Medy has more than 25 years of experience in the oil and gas industry. He has extensive experience in Pertamina both in domestic and overseas working areas.

2) Project Leader: Bintoro Wibowo (VP Exploration Existing Asset SHU)
Bintoro Wibowo has more than 20 years of experience in multinational oil and gas companies.

3) Coordinator: Dyah Woelandari (Innovation Geophysics)

4) Advisor
- Agus Dwi Suryanto (Exploration Geoscientist)
- Dedy Iskandar (Sr Production Engineer)

5) Geoscientist
- Widiastuti Nur Farida (Subsurface Commercial Analyst)
- Raysita Galuh Dwi Jayanti (Exploration Geoscientist)

6) Technologist
- Yudhi Widhiyana (Petrotechnical Data Management)
- Candra Arifin (Petrotechnical Data Management)

7) Geomatics
- Andika Rizal Bahlefi (Analyst Subsurface Data Management)
- Miftahus Siddiq (Geomatics Upstream Innovation SHU)