2021 SAG Award Winners


Project Goal

The original objective of the project, in 2019, was to monitor commuting in Spain in order to determine the areas of influence around the cities. To do so, Spain was divided into 3,200 areas and detailed maps were needed to show flows of people among them. With the arrival of the covid-19 outbreak, since March 2020, almost daily mobility data began to be published to monitor the confinement measures of the population and the return to normality.

The results come from the analysis of the position of more than 80% of mobile phones throughout Spain, combining data from the three main mobile phone operators in spain (Orange, Telefónica and Vodafone).
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Business Problem Solved

The analysis of this information is purely spatial. The potential of the enormous amount of data showing flows between areas can only be fully exploited using visual tools like the one designed between INE and ESRI with this specific purpose.

Technology Implemented

1. ArcGIS Online / Information Repository. ArcGIS Online is the platform where the information repository, feature and tile layers, webmaps and applications are hosted. From this Platform, different “ready to use” Apps are configured to complement the Mobility solution. Applications used: experience Builder, Platform Templates.

2. Application Server. Server used as a "gateway" for viewing Apps. It hosts and serves the static files (HTML, CSS and JavaScript) of which the applications consist.

This is necessary to be able to have the corresponding customizations.

Applications used: Web AppBuilder Developer Edition with custom widget, Custom viewer with the ArcGIS 4.19 JavaScript API

Requests to these files are made only once per user (so it is not a great impact for the machine) since "strong" requests are those that ArcGIS Online receives to return both the base maps and the corresponding layers.

Development Team Biography

Antonio Argüeso is director for socio-demographic statistics at INE-Spain. He holds a master degree in Physics.
Elisa Penit is head of unit in the Dept. of Socio-Demographic Statistics. She holds a master degree in Statistics.