2021 SAG Award Winners

Ministerio de Salud de Panamá

Project Goal

Enabling a geospatial ecosystem to address the emergency generated by COVID-19 in Panama
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Business Problem Solved

Understand the territorial challenges generated by the pandemic and deploy a strategy for planning the operational response in a cost-effective way in record time to analyze the different situations and support decision making
Phase 1: Testing, monitoring, and traceability
Phase 2: Vaccine distribution

Technology Implemented

Field applications (Survey123, ArcGIS Workforce), integrations via ArcGIS Notebooks with chatbots and telemedicine, ArcGIS Dashboards, Insights, mainly using ArcGIS Online as an intermediary to feed/strengthen the Surveillance System
Vaccination’s app to capture real-time vaccinated persons that articulate with an ArcGIS Hub, Survey123 to capture inventory data, ArcGIS Notebooks for integration, ArcGIS Dashboards, analytics by territory, and a QA/QC environment to ensure data consistency.

Development Team Biography

The team has been formed from the beginning by the technology area of the Ministry of Health, the area of Planning, Epidemiology and has received 100% support from the Government Innovation Authority of Panama (AIG) who have enabled multiple resources in different institutions to accelerate the processes of digital transformation of government entities in charge of managing the pandemic.