2021 SAG Award Winners

South Metro Fire Rescue

Project Goal

The Network Analyst service area extension, which calculates coverage area of emergency vehicles, is frequently used to visualize district coverage. This is typically a static analysis which calculates the coverage area using fixed points. The goal of this project was to create service areas using the AVL (Automatic Vehicle Location) data to visualize district coverage in a live view. This information can then be ingested by web maps, apps, and Operations Dashboards which can then be shared with anyone who needs the information.
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Business Problem Solved

By displaying service areas in an Operations Dashboard or Web App platform, anyone at South Metro is able to view the data and see district coverage at a glance. EMS, fire apparatus, or specialized units can be filtered out and analyzed by status or unit type. District coverage is helpful when monitored on a day to day basis, but it can be extremely useful during large-scale incidents to ensure the District is adequately covered. As a future project, the service area feed can be utilized in a CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) backup map on ArcGIS Portal. Heat density maps of calls could also be incorporated into the background for further analysis.

Technology Implemented

GeoEvent Server, ArcGIS Enterprise

Development Team Biography

As the fire service is a location-based industry, South Metro has recognized the importance of GIS and employs three full-time GIS personnel who maintain accurate and detailed mapping data, which all divisions utilize within South Metro and outside partner agencies. GIS is part of the Technical Services Bureau, which also contains Information Technology and Development. This project would not have been possible without the support of the ESRI technical teams.
Kim McAndrews, GIS Manager
Heather Hoelting, Sr. GIS Specialist
Austen Hawley, GIS Specialist
Michael Nath, Data Engineer
Mark Stevens, Business Intelligence Analyst
ESRI Support:
Cameron Amrine, Technical Consultant
Chris Chavis, Technical Consultant
Eric Ironside, Sr. Product Engineer for GeoEvent