2021 SAG Award Winners

Empresa Publica Metropolitana de Agua Potable y Saneamiento

Project Goal

After having successfully implemented the GIS platform in EPMAPS for 20 years, the objective is to mantain a robust, updated, sustainable system with highest standards of quality.

The modernization of business processes related to GIS is a constant and growing challenge as EPMAPS goes forward through digital transformation. Likewise, the incorporation of new tech solutions within the platform and improving the relationships with internal and external clients impose big goals on in an everyday basis.
Offering an agile and innovative alternative for EPMAPS needs related to GIS is our main goal
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Business Problem Solved

EPMAPS relies on a web-based GIS platform with high interoperability. More than 15 business processes have been automated and more than 20 solutions have been generated for optimization and improving communication with clients on the last three years. Three mobile applications based on GIS technology have been incorporated on operational activities, these being the first to be implemented in EPMAPS.

Technology Implemented

- ArcGIS Online
- ArcGIS Enterprise and extensions
- AppStudio for ArcGIS
- ArcGIS Desktop and extensions

Development Team Biography

Marco Bonilla, GIS Manager, Geographer, MSc in Software engineering and Information Systems, MSc in Geographic Information Systems and Sciences
Eduardo Flores, Geographer, MSc in Geographic Information Systems, 15+ years of experience in GIS Implementation Strategies
Pamela Sandoval, Geographer, 10+ years of experience in GIS implementations and GIS data management
Catherine Proaño, Geographer, 10+ years of experience in GIS implementations
Iván Huilca, Software Engineer, 20+ years of experience in GIS Implementations, SAP-GIS Integrator
Jimy Cuesta, Software Engineer, 8+ years of experience in GIS Implementations, Mobile GIS developer