2021 SAG Award Winners

EDP Renewables

Project Goal

EDPR North America and EDPR Europe are dedicated to centralization and integration of GIS data, mapping, and workflows via Corporate GIS web-based applications. EDPR has made a significant technology investment toward advanced geospatial technology solutions and plans to provide GIS governance, training, and mapping workflows to nearly every department on a global scale.
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Business Problem Solved

(Business) developers adopted web-GIS mapping years ago for tracking and mapping their land and lease agreement status and sharing their map data with internal and external customers. These maps are still used consistently today; the goal now is to host every EDPR project (from development through operations) using Portal as the "one-stop"

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Platform including ArcGIS Pro, ArcGIS Enterprise, Portal for ArcGIS, ArcGIS Online, Image Server, Esri Managed Cloud Services and Esri Apps for Field

Development Team Biography

North America GIS Team
Tami Shannon (GIS Manager)
Luciano Abreu
Christopher Beasley
Veronica Bradshaw
Joao Guedes
Celia Hallan
Ryan McDonner
Chris Morris
Rorik Peterson
Ryan Schalk
Ali Stano
Chris Young

Europe GIS Team
Marianne Aubert (GIS Coordinator)
Baptiste Abolin
Ines Juarez Alvarez
Jaime Rojo Castro
Henri Lebon
Bastian Marceau
Andrew Moleiro
Eduardo Nieto
Daniel Thomas
Ana Isabel Cuenca Vizan
Nora Valero Zambrano