2021 SAG Award Winners

City of Jerusalem

Project Goal

At the outbreak of the corona epidemic in Israel, we began to receive information about patients throughout Jerusalem from the Ministry of Health. We wanted to make this information very clearly accessible to the various units in the city that needed to address the issue.
Our goal was to turn the basic tabular information that came to us into a clear graphical display so that one could clearly see the foci of illness.
In addition, a dynamic graphical display that shows the level of morbidity by district, by neighborhood, and by community administration. Thus, the decision makers and relevant units will know immediately to direct resources to the right places, how to decide on which areas to close and which to leave open, and where to impose restrictions.
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Business Problem Solved

Our goal was Threefold:
1) Making the information from the Ministry of Health easily accessible to all the relevant parties.
2) Transforming tabular data into a simple graphic display that is eye friendly.
3) Supplying the Mayor, the response teams, and all other relevant units, both internal to the municipality and external, with a user-friendly dashboard to help fight and manage the pandemic.

Technology Implemented

1) ArcGIS pro
2) ArcGIS online
3) ArcGIS enterprise
4) Survey123

Development Team Biography

Ilan Goichman – Senior GIS department manager. 38 years old. Working in the Municipality of Jerusalem since 2015. Has a B.A in Geography (Hebrew University), M.A in Geography and Urban Planning (Hebrew University). From Ashdod, Israel.