2021 SAG Award Winners

A2A S.p.A

Project Goal

TEST The Esri Platform has been implemented in A2A since 2003; In 2018 A2A achieved a project focused on the review of the business processes and the digital innovation that has met the following 3 requirements:
• Transition towards a unic integrated multi-service GIS system for the centralized management of the spatial data of A2A networks, such as 15.300 km for the electric network, 10.550 km for the gas distribution network, 1.250 km for the district heating system and 4.000 km for the water distribution network.
• Realization of the Digital Twin of A2A networks, that is the digital management of the complete asset lifecycle, beginning from the planning phase, through the design and realization phase and ending with the operational management.
• Update and widespread availability in real time of the spatal data through high performing digital solutions which have optimized business processes.
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Business Problem Solved

The GIS data updating from the field using mobile devices and the widespread diffusion of spatial info led to increase the control, precision level and accuracy of the spatial data.

The data model which is cross to all A2A networks, together with the standardization of the operational and business processes led to an improvement and optimization of the post-processing tools used to accomplish the periodical GIS data delivery to Public Authority and local agencies.

The integration between the GIS platform and A2A asset managent system and customer management system contributed to the improvement of the daily activities of the GIS operators, as now they can rely on the access to all the needed information from other systems related to the spatial data.

Technology Implemented

A2A GIS System is based on ArcGIS Enterprise platform.

The spatial data are managed on 8 Enterprise Geodatabases, one for each service, and an additional Enterprise Geodatabase, common to all the services, containing the base cartography and road network.

The GIS data are updated and managed by 350 GIS Operators, through an advanced customization of ArcGIS Desktop, are then distributed in real time on a WebApp for visualization and analysis to 1200 users and visualized on mobile devices by 600 users on field.

The GIS data relevance in the whole lifecycle asset management has driven to the realization of strong integration between the GIS system on the most relevant A2A application systems, such as Maximo Spatial for the Asset Management, Salesforce WFM, Schneider DMS.

Development Team Biography

Federico Mauri, Integration Improvement and Business Development Manager
Simone Boschetti, Distribution IT Manager
Silvia De Luca, Cartography and Asset Manager
Barbara Flamini, GIS Competence Center Manager
Davide Della Giustina, Electric Network General Manager