2022 SAG Award Winners

County of Bonneville GIS Department

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Project Goal

Our project goal was to grow the GIS platform, interface, and resources for the County. That way we could better assist those in the County along with the other departments/agencies. Along with this goal was the need to develop user friendly maps for the public so they could find information at their fingertips. We would accomplish these goals by establishing a larger GIS department that could assist other departments and the public. We would also need to provide tools to all the departments/agencies to accomplish their goals using GIS which would then intern allow us to use information to assist the public. We also wanted to ensure our systems were robust enough to stay up to date with the latest technology along with be reliable in times of emergency.
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Business Problem Solved

We have assisted in outreach to the patrons of Bonneville County during a wildfire, eclipse, and a pandemic with our server system and departments fortitude to serve the public. We also have provided new options for data collection for our Public Works department, Noxious Weed department, Planning and Zoning department, Maintenance department, Assessor’s office, elections, and Treasurers office. We have solved many questions for our Commissioners by using dashboards to represent information. Solved issues with outreach for an up-and-coming sewer district development. We have created maps to assist surveyors and title companies in our area for land records. We have also created data collaborations with Tyler New World in our dispatch that helps the Sherriff and Commissions see information as well as cost of calls for service. We have created a long-desired connection/collaboration with the City of Ammon by merging ELA agreements to serve more patrons of the County.

Technology Implemented

We have used ArcGIS Online for webmaps, Collector, Hub, Storymaps, Dashboards, and now Experience Builder. We also heavily utilize an Enterprise system for our internal data. We have created a collaboration to protected data as well as create an easy access of public data to our ArcGIS online. Our departments/agencies are heavy users of Pro, Survey123, Parcel Drafter, Parcel Fabric, and Enterprise. We are now branching into Workforce and hopefully Velocity after seeing the power it has in a piolet program this last winter.

Development Team Biography

Supervisor: Trich Maupin starting in noxious weed field with GIS she has been working with GIS for 15 years and manager for 8 years.
GIS Analyst II: Dawn Leatham has been with the county since 1997. I have created/helped with data and GIS needs for most every department and the 7 cities within Bonneville County.
GIS Analyst I: Craig Hall started with the county in 2015 has worked on multiple projects with Emergency Management, Sheriff’s office with scripts, and story maps for the public.
GIS Tech II: David Bingham has worked in GIS for 5 years, and have received various training classes including: Cartography, Parcels in Pro, and Geo Apps.
GIS Tech II: Kurino Ashizawa joined the Bonneville County in 2020 as a plat technician intern and moved to the GIS Department last fall to work as a GIS technician.
GIS Tech II: Nathan Countryman started 6 months ago but originally worked with our maintenance department. He has become a wonderful asset and is working on needed projects in GIS.