2022 SAG Award Winners

City of Billings

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Project Goal

This effort modernized the City's Public Works workflows in a GIS/Esri-centric fashion. The core of the work involved reformatting most of the Public Works GIS data models to take advantage of subtypes and attribute rules. The project also includes rebuilding Public Works' web maps and apps and developing new operational dashboards so Public Works staff can manage the City's assets proactively with dynamic and easily accessible information. With this new structure, the City will implement Utility Network to create an authoritative view of our assets to improve operational awareness.
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Business Problem Solved

Provide Public Works staff dynamic/quick access to authoritative data for the City's critical assets.

Technology Implemented

Esri Small Government Enterprise Agreement Products (e.g., Portal, Hubs, Operational Dashboards, Field Maps, Web Maps, ArcGIS Pro, Cityworks Mobile)

Development Team Biography

Debi Meling (Public Works Director), Jennifer Duray (Assistant Public Works Director), Jeff Sprock (GIS Coordinator), Kevin Moore (GIS Specialist), Ken Huxtable (GIS Technician), Paul Arendt (GIS Technician), Matt Wudtke (Asset Analyst)