2022 SAG Award Winners

Orange County Property Appraiser

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Project Goal

To explore how Insights can be used by the Orange County, Florida Property Appraiser’s Office to improve workflow and inform the public. To provide a consolidated view of property values across all departments, generate timesaving reports, perform close to real-time analytics, and support improved public engagement for property valuation.
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Business Problem Solved

Built web applications that improve workflow for tasks and visualize information necessary to complete tasks during the valuation process. Demonstrated the flexibility of Insights by exploring property ownership (Property Investment Dashboard), replaced excel tables used frequently in our CAMA system with interactive data visualization (Recap Analytical Dashboards), and improved workflow by reducing steps necessary to generate reports (parcel counts for data requests, sales ratio analysis, millage values and base rates).
Ultimately, we built dashboards that allow in-depth analysis of the data and the visualization of trends using a dynamic data pipeline in the backend, which leads to consistent and time-saving reports from a single source of truth and close to real-time analytics.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Insights

Development Team Biography

The team members involved in this initiative are Laura Becht and Ying Zhang.
Laura is a GIS Analyst who has worked for OCPA as an analyst since 2014. She started using the Insights and Dashboards products in 2019 when the Office began its online initiative, and has been using ESRI products for over 25 years. She has a Master of Science in Conservation with a minor in GIS from the University of Florida, and earned her CFE (Certified Florida Evaluator) designation in 2018.
Ying is the GIS manager. She pioneered business intelligence platforms for property appraisal, established the initial data pipeline, and identified the development needs for the purpose of streamlining and improving the operation efficiency and profitability. She has a Ph.D. degree in Geoinformatics from the University of Oklahoma.