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SUL Secretariado Uruguayo de la Lana

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Project Goal

The project consisted in the creation of two modules with the following objectives:
- Module 1 (SIRO): Digitalization of information generated in the process of harvest, classification and preparation of Uruguayan wool.

The objective of this module was digitalizing classed information of sheep shearing in Uruguay. This information is generated when wool is shorn from the sheep and includes farmer ID, shearing date, bale number and weight, animal category (sex and age) and wool type (fleece, pieces, bellies, locks and crutching). Furthermore, data will be available in real time and geographically referenced. The shearing contractor will enter this information and only the farmers are able to access their own data.

- Module 2 (SIAPP): Generation of database of rustling events and dogs/ predators attacks

The main goal was developing a real-time database of sheep rustling and predators' attacks generating alerts to other farmers of the region. This tool has a key role contribu
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Business Problem Solved

Module 1 (SIRO): The greatest achievement of this tool is providing farmers’ precise and detailed information of their wool production and harvest, which is essential for commercialization and a better positioning in the market. In addition, SIRO permits connecting information of wool harvest with laboratory analysis results. These analyses are carried out by SUL (Secretariado Uruguayo de la Lana), conferring reliable and objective data of wool quality. Parameters assessed at the laboratory include diameter and yield, which have direct connection with wool price. Before the creation of SIRO information was originated manually and received by farmers in paper form, which was frequently lost. This factor generated serious disruptions in the value chain, hindering commercialization and leading to discounts in wool prices obtained by farmers.
Module 2 (SIAPP): Sheep rustling and predators are among the main causes of economic losses of the Uruguayan sheep sector. Farmers mention the diffi

Technology Implemented

ArcGis Portal
ArcGis DataStore

Development Team Biography

Coordinadora del Proyecto SUL – Lic. Maria de la Paz Bottaro
Coordinador IT SUL – Lic. Leonardo Raimondo