2022 SAG Award Winners

Organismo de Evaluación y Fiscalización Ambiental - OEFA

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Project Goal

The Environmental Evaluation and Enforcement Agency (OEFA) of Peru, in the general context of information, aims to ensure compliance with improving the attention capacity and access of citizens, administrators and institutions to information services of the processes of environmental enforcement through the implementation of the so-called Interactive Portal for Environmental Enforcement - PIFA for the dissemination of the actions and results of the OEFA and the continuous improvement of compliance with environmental regulations in the development of auditable economic activities.
The products developed within the framework of geospatial information management have been designed and implemented considering internal and external target users (citizens, institutions, officials and supervised companies)
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Business Problem Solved

An open access information platform has been established that provides information to users, from various sources and technologies in the field and cabinet, registered, systematized, processed and constantly updated through applications of geospatial and statistical analysis, mapping and reports on the state of the environment and environmental control actions in Peru.
The main products developed are:
Interactive Portal for Environmental Enforcement
Standardized register of companies and auditable units
Registration, quality control and publication of Environmental Management Instruments
Mobile application "Report Waste"
Mobile application for estimating environmental risks in emergencies
Socio-environmental Management Map
Single registry of environmental offenders
Environmental Risk Alert System – Tailings deposits
Systematization of information and applications developed for attention to the oil spill in Ventanilla - La Pampilla Refin

Technology Implemented

The OEFA has an implemented geospatial information technology infrastructure deployed in development and production environments. Each of them has components for corporate database management using an Oracle database engine, the ArcGis Enterprise environment allows managing content, roles and privileges, information publication; In addition, there is software for client users such as ArcGis Pro and ArcMap, tools such as ArcGIS Developer for the personalized development of web and mobile applications, as well as ArcGis Online that allows managing content in the ESRI cloud for publication through geoviewers and assigned Dashboard. roles roles and privileges on the platform.

Development Team Biography

Direction and Coordination:
- Karina Rocio Montes Tapia, Director of Policies and Strategies in Environmental Enforcement
- Jose Luis Rosales Vidal, Geographic Information System Coordinator

Infrastructure management and application development:
- Karen Ursula Valdiviezo Chaupis, Responsible for development of applications and technological infrastructure GIS
- Maria Teresa Ricapa Marticorena
- Cinthya Galvez Chinchay
- Kevin Davis Machuca Quichua
- Susy Araceli Villanueva Delgado
Systematization of information for environmental control
- Maria Elena Navarro Lozano, Responsible for geographic information management and services
- Marlene Gabriela Tapia Diaz
- Poliana Julia Araujo Bravo
- Alberto Octavio Chiok Torres
- Gisela Chavez Castillo
Geospatial database management
- Cesar Augusto Chavez Gamboa, Responsible for GIS Database Management
- Rosa Angelica Estrella Chamorro
- Ember Abanto Torres
- Rubi Georgina Socualaya Aguirre
- Diego Alvaro Posadas Larico