2022 SAG Award Winners

The Department of Agriculture, Environment, and Rural Affairs (DAERA)

Project Goal

The Department of Agriculture Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) aims to:
“Create an insight-driven organisation, placing data at the heart of all decision making”

To meet this vision, our project team had the following objectives:
• Improve strategic alignment across all the business areas.
• Provide a single source of truth of corporate data accessible to operational staff, policy staff, and decision-makers.
• Remove data silos and share data across business areas to generate efficiencies and help inform policies in other areas.
• Provide greater business intelligence and analytical capability across the department – provide insights to inform policy and operational change.
• Digitally transform workflows and processes that were traditionally paper-based and manual.
• Modernise field data collection through enhanced use of mobile technology across the department.
• Ensure corporate data was Geo-spatially aligned.
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Business Problem Solved

Built on ArcGIS Enterprise, the Information Hub contains over 490 datasets and an array of analysis and visualisation tools. The Hub enables our staff to better use, analyse and understand their data across organisational boundaries, realising some of the following benefits:

The platform helped double the number of Environmental farming agreements created last year, (143 increased to 383 in 2021). This brought over 10,000 hectares of priority habitat under favourable management.

It has enabled the transformation of DAERA's disease investigation process, swapping paper forms for field-based survey apps and online dashboards. DAERA can respond more quickly to animal welfare concerns and enact measures to prevent the spread of disease.

Our Marine viewer brings together a range of previously siloed spatial datasets. It supports the Marine Planning process by providing insight across datasets from Aquaculture, Energy, Natural Heritage, Shipping, Tourism & Recreation.

Technology Implemented

DAERA worked closely with Esri Ireland to deliver a secure, resilient infrastructure, which is currently the biggest implementation of ArcGIS Enterprise on the island of Ireland.

DAERA’s ArcGIS environment includes a data store and multiple web servers hosting DAERA’s Information Hub, built upon Esri’s ArcGIS Portal. ArcGIS Experience Builder, Web App Builder and ArcGIS sites extend the Information Hub and provide reusable core components including maps, search functionality, a series of templates including dashboards, story maps and surveys. DAERA utilise ArcGIS online to efficiently and securely share access to data with other government departments and OpenDataNI.
DAERA have also leveraged Workforce to provide comprehensive workflows and the platform now also includes a number of mobile components built using Survey123 and Collector to facilitate remote inspections and mobile data capture out in the field, both online and offline.

Development Team Biography

Geraldine Devine who is Head of DAERA Information Systems Unit has overall responsibility for the delivery of IT services across DAERA.
Conor O’Donnell who is Head of DAERA Data and Geographic Services Branch is responsible for the delivery of the DAERA information Hub and GIS and Data Services across the department.

Team Alpine work within DAERA’s Data and Geographic Services (DGS) Branch, which exists to support development and delivery of Business Intelligence (BI), Data Analytics and Geographic Information Systems (GIS) solutions to DAERA business areas. The branch provide a range of functions and services, including responsibility for continuous support and development of the DAERA Information Hub, our implementation of the ArcGIS Enterprise geospatial solutions platform.

Carol Molyneaux – Team Lead
Miranda Devlin – Team Lead
Colm McVerry – Team Lead