2022 SAG Award Winners

Boardwalk Pipelines

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Project Goal

The goal was to implement a web mapping-based solution that would track engineering projects, filter on projects of interest, record spatial locations and move the project through a validation process ultimately updating the PODS GIS System.

Business Problem Solved

1. How do we track engineering projects that may have an impact to PHMSA compliance where GIS updates are needed? These types of projects are typically:
a. Pipe Replacements
b. Pipe Re-Route
c. Pipe Re-Coating
d. Valve Replacements
e. Facility Work
f. Pressure Tests
2. The above project types once completed and paperwork received, require the GIS PODS database to be updated. This is important since most compliance type calculations are run from the GIS data. Such as HCA, Class calculations, MAOP determination, Risk runs etc. This feeds other downstream processes and compliance decision making. We would not want to make decisions based on pipeline data in the GIS system that does not match what was done in the field.

Technology Implemented

ESRI Calcite Design System
ArcGIS API for Javascript 4.x
ArcGIS Webpack Plugin

Development Team Biography

Phil Blondin – BS GIS, Murray State University 2002. IT Supervisor - Boardwalk Pipelines. 20 years GIS experience in consulting, Local Government and Petroleum.
Chris Rolater – BS Finance, University of Houston – Clear Lake. Senior Analyst Accounting – Boardwalk Pipelines. 18 Years accounting experience.
Justin Perez – Senior Application Analyst - Boardwalk Pipelines. 15 years GIS and IT experience in consulting and Petroleum.
Raghu Mandurai – MS Ecology. Sr. GIS Programmer Analyst – Boardwalk Pipelines. 24+ years in GIS. Extensive experience in consulting, Local government, mid-stream and downstream Gas pipelines.
Brian Carlson – Technical Architect – Boardwalk Pipelines
Eric Goforth -- Director of Professional Services, GEO Jobe. 15 years of experience as a software developer, the last 5 focused on Web GIS across all industries.
Dylan Drake -- BA Aerospace Engineering, Mississippi State University. Senior Application Developer / DevOps Engineer – GEO Jobe.