2022 SAG Award Winners

Department of Environment and Natural Resources

Project Goal

The DENR Control Map (DENRCM) project is envisioned to produce standard maps of the country’s environment and natural resources. It aims to enable integration of geospatial data produced by the different offices with DENR – including the central and field offices, bureaus and attached agencies. With the DENRCM, stakeholders, particularly the planners and decision makers will have a holistic picture of the environment and natural resources. This would translate to improved operations and implementation of DENR programs and a more comprehensive plan of the management of the environment and natural resources. Since the DENR will also serve as a platform for integrating data produced by various sectors, it will ensure easy access to spatial information.
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Business Problem Solved

There are a number of challenges faced by the Department in terms of managing spatial information. These include: use of different basemaps, shapefiles with different projections presented in one map, no standard signs and symbols, no metadata of the attributes, some maps are still not in digital form, some of the digital maps are not interoperable, sometimes the sources of maps are unidentified, no single unit in the field offices to integrate geospatial data, lack of staff and varied mapping software used depending on the office and or project being implemented.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Enterprise
ArcGIS Desktop (ArcMap and ArcGIS Pro)
ArcGIS Desktop Extensions

Development Team Biography

Project Team:

Susan Villar
Roja Guia Bati-on
Rose Anne Escudero
Dan Carlo Prieto
Joshua Aguilar
Eloisa De Leon
Jose Henry Talabis

Policy and Overall Guidance:

Undersecretary Analiza Rebuelta-Teh
Assistant Secretary Nonita S. Caguioa
Director Maria Elena A. Morallos-Manila

Technical Committee on DENR Control Map:

NAMRIA: Peter N. Tiangco
NAMRIA: John Santiago Fabic
BMB: Natividad Bernadino
ERDB: Maria Lourdes Ferrer
EMB: William Cuñado
FMB: Tirso Parian
LMB: Emelyne Talabis
MGB: Wilfredo Moncano
LLDA: Jaime Medina
NWRB: Sevillo David Jr.
PPS: Glenn Marcelo Noble
FASPS: Wilfredo Obien
RBCO: Nelson Gorospe

Technical Working Group on DENR Control Map:

PPS: Melinda Capistrano
FASPS: Joel Abunda
BMB: Michelle Aplan
BMB: Septher Ian Salcedo
EMB: Reniel Tumbagahan
ERDB: Alvin Olvida
FMB: Dennis Tacmo
LMB: Ariel Reyes
MGB: Gerald Castueras
LLDA: Honeybeth Mallare
LLDA: Jessie Fortus
NAMRIA: Benjamin Balais
NAMRIA: Rosalyn Sontillanosa