2022 SAG Award Winners

Maynilad Water Services, Inc.

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Project Goal

Maynilad upgraded to an Enterprise GIS to address the limitations of the previous GIS system and meet integration requirements with other systems. The upgrade to Enterprise GIS provided a more secure database and unified asset information, which will enable Maynilad to keep pace with the evolving market climate, the growing number of users utilizing GIS, and emerging technologies. Another goal of the project is to enable Maynilad to optimize its expenditure on technology by reducing expenses on ad hoc software enforcement and intermittent ordering of licenses. The added functionalities of the upgraded Enterprise GIS will also help Maynilad to increase the use and application of geographic data for planning, analysis and operational efficiency in line with meeting its service obligations.
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Business Problem Solved

With the Enterprise GIS Upgrade Project, Maynilad was able to integrate its main GIS platform with other systems utilized within the organization, as various Operations units use specially developed dashboards and custom web maps to aid them in their planning, analysis, and operational activities. Performing tasks in GIS has become more efficient, removing the need to transfer software whenever data is extracted or maps/reports are generated, which the company used to do in the provision of geodatabases to its Regulators who are using the same system. Maynilad’s Central Control and Monitoring also uses the Field Monitoring User System Dashboard—developed using the Operational Dashboard—to verify the location and status of Pressure Monitoring Points installed in the water network. By pulling data from SAP-Business Intelligence, Maynilad can see the consumption and billing data of customers, together with its geo-tagged location, through the Maynilad Web Map.

Technology Implemented

Experience Builder for web map customization (Anti-Illegal Unit, Wastewater Management, Water Sampling Monitoring, Automated Customer Communication), ArcGIS Pro for Service Level Indicator Maps, Operations Dashboard for Field Monitoring User System

Development Team Biography

Geographic Information Services and Telemetry of Technical Services Division, Information Technology Services Division, Business Operations Central Services and Anti-Illegal Unit of Customer Experience and Retail Operations Division, Water Source and Network Hydraulic Modeling of Water Supply Operations, Sewer Network Management of Wastewater Management Division, Analysis of Central Non-Revenue Water Division, Asset Information and Knowledge Management of Integrated Asset Management Division