2022 SAG Award Winners

OMV Downstream GmbH

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Project Goal

The OMV Downstream segment adopted ArcGIS as its geospatial system to manage infrastructure data, visualize facilities, and coordinate maintenance activities among other use cases. In addition to ArcGIS Enterprise the team deployed Esri’s Gas and Pipeline Enterprise Data Management solution to maintain its pipeline system using networked and linear referencing tools.

Additionally, OMV Downstream developed and deployed a web-application using the ArcGIS Javascript API to facilitate the planning of one of the most significant maintenance activities that the team undertakes on an annual basis, the turnaround of its refineries.

Business Problem Solved

Turnarounds involve shutting down parts of the facility to inspect and refurbish, repair, and/or replace equipment. Given the complexities and costs involved turnarounds must be carefully planned out to avoid the financial impacts that would result from prolonged delays. Using this application, planners can select and drop pre-defined polygon shapes, known as objects, anywhere within a refinery. These objects can represent features such as cranes and containers which are needed to support a particular turnaround plan. Planners can also quickly query and visualize objects for past and future turnaround plans by using a time slider button within the application.

The ability to dynamically plan turnarounds through this application ensures that OMV is adequately preparing for these events to avoid costly delays and a great example of using digital transformation to increase operational efficiency.

Technology Implemented

ArcGIS Javascript API
ArcGIS Enterprise
ArcGIS Desktop

Development Team Biography

Julia Kabelik, GIS & 3D Manager, MSc in Spatial Information Management